Guest Blog: Janice Koler-Matznick author of "Dawn of the Dog"

In Celebration of National Author's Day on November 1, I invited author Janice Koler-Matnick to share her experience working with me to create her award-winning book. Here's the link to order it on Amazon

Here's what Janice wrote:

"My non-fiction book Dawn of the Dog: The Genesis of a Natural Species took over two decades of part-time research, and two years full-time writing. It has 128 color photographs that had to be placed at specific points in the text. The editor I hired to format it became annoyed when I repeatedly asked that photos be sized and placed properly. We had a tedious back for forth for almost six miserable months. When he felt it was ready to submit I had misgivings. Worried, I asked Karen Adair of DG Creative if she would look at the digital file. We were acquainted because she got her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Orion, from me. I knew she did branding and photography. When she said she also designed books and would be happy to examine the file because she knew how important this book was to me, I was relieved (and sorry I had not known, as would have hired her to begin with!).

Sitting next to her in her studio, my heart sank as she opened the book’s file and started flipping through the pages, making repeated exclamations of dismay. Everything was wrong. The photos were not even in the correct format for print! With a few questions, Karen understood my vision for the book. She offered to reformat it after doing her other work and stayed up late for weeks to get it done, by the time I needed it to go to print. Every suggestion she made improved the book. Her choices for color scheme and layout of the photos for the covers showcased them perfectly.

I published the book in June 2016 and submitted it to three annual contests. It was one of four finalists in the reference book category in the Dog Writer’s Assn. of America competition. It won a bronze medal (third place) in the Independent Publisher book contest and a gold medal (first place) in the Next Generation Indie Book contest, in the pet/animal book category. Without Karen’s talent and hard work, the book would have been a failure. Recently, Karen corrected text mistakes I missed the first printing and added the awards to the front cover. I deeply appreciate her cheerful willingness to go the extra mile to make the book as perfect as possible."

–Janice Koler-Matznick

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