Branding– Finding the Perfect Fit


You know, branding is often like trying to find the perfect go-to, this-is-me outfit. Is it a suit? A dress? Jeans and a tee? What colors? Patterns or solids? How long or short? How loose or tight? What about accessories?


You walk down the street and see someone wearing an outfit that makes them look amazing and you think, “OMG, I want that!” Then you look in a shop window and see a manikin wearing that very same outfit, so you run in and try it on, and as you stand in front of the mirror, you wonder, “Why don’t I look amazing?”


You know immediately that something about it just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's the neckline. Maybe it's the fabric. Maybe it’s the color. No matter how much you want it to work, it just isn’t doesn’t. As disappointed as you are, you know if you settle for it, it will inevitably end up disappearing into the darkest corner of your closet. You’ll have wasted time and money--and precious closet space!


Without help, it can take a lot of wrong outfits before you find the right one, the one that makes you want to twirl in front of the mirror or strike a James Bond pose. One of the best ways to figure out what works best for you is to find someone with great fashion sense who knows which colors complement your skin tone and which styles flatter your body type. You need someone who is willing to tell you the truth and help you figure out exactly what suits you.


In the branding realm, that’s what I do. I help my clients come up with a look they love. I walk them through a process of discovery, so they know how to show off their best attributes and make the statement they want to make. The right brand, like the right outfit, feels great when you try it on.


I love watching my clients try on their new brands and knowing, from their reaction, that I’ve provided them with the design equivalent of that perfect outfit, the one that fills them with confidence, the one that allows them to show the world who they really are.


When you have the right brand, other companies see you walking down the street (well, they see your branded website and marketing material) and they think, “OMG, I want that!”