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Graphic Design and Photography

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    Full service, strategically creative graphic design

    Our expertise is in creating solid visual marketing essentials, whether you’re bringing a new brand to market or evolving an existing brand. Our services are branding-focused and diverse, so your messaging is strong and the process is efficient.

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    Design for wine marketing essentials

    Wine labels, cartons, case cards, shelftalkers, neckers, brochures, tasting notes, sell sheets, retail POS, eBlasts, winery videos, and websites. All done, conveniently, in-house.

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    Photography for the wine industry

    Affordable, professional photography for your website, online store, trade & media and marketing assets, taken with a designer's eye and expertise. After all, as designers, we know firsthand how much your photos impact your overall image. We shoot for the best.

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    DG Creative Branding

    Our success over the last 33 years comes from caring about our clients’ experience as much as we strive to exceed their expectations. We’d love to work with you. Give us a call, and tell us about your project. (707) 391-5273. Or email me at karen@dgcreative.net

Owner, Lead Designer

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    Karen Adair


    I have a life-long fascination with visual communication and all its many facets. I've been a graphic designer for over 35 years, and love that I'm in a career that, even after all this time, continually brings new worlds to learn and create in. I'm inspired by music, theatre arts, nature, my three boys, friends and clients. I love to play, create, be healthy, teach and inspire.

What Our Clients Say...

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    Chase Thornhill


    It is a great pleasure to work with Karen Adair and her team at DG Creative. Their speed to design, and ability to maintain brand identity across multiple equity pieces has greatly increased the perception of our brands. Their work and value far exceeds what I have seen from very expensive national design firms.

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    David Hance


    You offer can-do optimism and energy for each assignment, large or small. You are affordable, but you don't do "cheap" work. You're creative, while still understanding deadlines. Genuine eagerness to engage, and the desire to make things that work for clients ... those are rare assets. DG Creative has them.

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    Julie Golden


    DG sincerely provides a level of service and expertise like no other firm with this ability because you honor the one-to-one connection with the client which I find extremely valuable. You are extremely cost-effective because you have the talent of a team of many. Your talent and enthusiasm is ever-present and has allowed me to take on projects that I wouldn’t even have attempted with a larger more cumbersome firm. Our brand has evolved over time with the evolution of our businesses:  Golden Vineyards, Golden Cellars, Mendocino Olive Oil, Golden Pig, SIP Mendocino…couldn’t have done it without your creative genius!

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    Michael Aisner


    Jane Goodall said "WOW, PERFECT!" seeing the logo DG created for our 500 theatre national live broadcast. Karen provided art in format perfectly for tricky shirt and theatre poster printers as well as designing for online and numerous paper applications. Everyone loved the emblematic look that just captured our event's message. We put it everywhere–looked incredible full on movie theatre screens! Karen is a world-class talent. She gets branding, responding as needed and tempering client input. I would put her up against any marquis-address firm.

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    Tyler Rodrigue


    I’m amazed with how quickly you were able to understand our business and provide incredible logo, tag line and radio ad . Your branding and voice-over services are outstanding! It takes incredible marketing talent to bring the past and present together in harmony as you did with our company. I cannot express enough how incredibly reasonable, effective and enjoyable you have been to work with.

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    Joe and Moni


    From our very first meeting with Karen and Justin we knew we'd landed with a team that would make the process of constructing a website adventurous, creative and fun. What more could you want!! Well, more we got! THEY were able to understand the complexities of our businesses and creatively combine them through branding brilliance. They are world-class designers who approach designing from the core.

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    Chris Nelson


    Working with Karen is a wonderful experience for a person like myself who has general design ideas but needs a great artistic mind to bring them to life. She helped formulate our brand from the ground up and I couldn’t be happier.

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    Dan & Vicki Dooling


    Karen’s work is truly “a symphony of design” evoking an essence of the composition. This comes from a unique understanding of the subject matter at hand.


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